Improving Your Orthodontic Practice With Proper Training

Posted On August 6, 2019 |

Earlier in my orthodontic career, I found that it was nearly impossible to train employees as thoroughly as I’d like. This resulted in many of our team members not being on the same page and slowed down the overall efficiency of the office.

These challenges inspired me to create Trapezio, an online resource that provides education to orthodontic assistants and office staff. Through this ready-made training program, you can train your staff in a consistent, thorough manner while still saving time. This will ultimately improve your patients’ experiences and benefit your bottom line.

Here are a few of the ways that training with Trapezio can benefit you and your staff.

Improved Communication. By requiring that all staff members complete a course in orthodontic basics (OrthoCommon Knowledge), you set the standard for terminology and protocol across the board. This gives everyone, including non-clinical staff members, the same vocabulary and lowers the chances of miscommunication.

Specialized Training for Everyone. Trapezio offers courses for every position in your orthodontic practice, and each one is tailored to provide skills that will help your staff members perform their jobs with greater ease and efficiency.

  • Orthodontic Assistants- We offer two orthodontic assisting courses. The first is meant to cover the fundamentals of orthodontic assisting and is perfect for training new staff members. The second is designed to benefit the more experienced or senior clinical assistants.
  • Insurance Coordinators- This course covers standard terminology for filing insurance claims, as well as how to ensure that claims are accurate.
  • Treatment Coordinators- A huge part of a treatment coordinator’s job is to sell services to new clients. This course covers best practices for making lasting impressions and securing the sale.
  • Financial Coordinators- For anyone directly involved in the financial management of an orthodontic practice, this course dives into proven systems and methodologies for managing and implementing sound financial principles within the practice.

Uphold Safety Standards. Trapezio offers a course in OSHA Safety Standards. This course provides vital information for everyone in the office. It also satisfies the federal requirements for initial and annual OSHA safety training.

Save Time and Resources. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, thoroughly training each member of your staff individually takes a significant amount of time and resources. By using online training resources, you can maintain consistent and effective methods that staff members can complete at their own pace either in groups at the office or on their own.