Change Your Smile, Change Your Life: Your Guide to Orthodontic Treatment

Clearing up the confusion about orthodontic care to help you get the most out of treatment

There’s a lot of confusion about orthodontics based on inaccurate and conflicting information. Dr. Depew cuts through it all in his new book, Change Your Smile, Change Your Life: Your Guide to Orthodontic Treatment. As an orthodontist with 30 years’ experience in patient care who uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques in his practice, Dr. Depew is the go-to expert on modern orthodontic care.

Orthodontics have come a long way from the ubiquitous metal braces of years past. In Change Your Smile, Change Your Life: Your Guide to Orthodontic Treatment, Dr. Depew discusses the various types of braces on the market today, as well as the latest technology you should know about like cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), 3D diagnostic intraoral scanners, panoramic X-rays, and celphalometric X-rays. He explains how advances in orthodontics can shorten treatment time and reduce discomfort while providing great results. He delves into the differences in treatment plans between children, adolescents, and adults, and explains why 7 is the right age for your child’s first orthodontist visit. Dr. Depew also shares how to afford orthodontic treatment and what to look for when choosing an orthodontist. Since this is someone you’ll be seeing regularly for two years during treatment, it’s important to get it right.

Orthodontic treatment can truly be life-changing. Change Your Smile, Change Your Life: Your Guide to Orthodontic Treatment arms you with the accurate, up-to-date knowledge and practical advice you need to optimize your investment and make smart choices in orthodontic care for yourself and your family.

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  • From the outset, Depew and his staff have been absolutely awesome. We are a few months into my daughter's braces and everything has been great. I feel much better about affording this beautiful smile that I know we will have because of Dr. Depew and his team!

    Brian Alcala

  • Our family has 3 patients here and all 3 experiences have been 5 star. Extremely professional yet personable staff. We are thrilled with our results and would highly recommend.

    Julie Smith

  • Depew Orthodontics is amazing! My treatment experience using Invisalign has been been nothing short of the best. Such a warm, welcoming, family friendly environment with the most wonderful staff. I am truly happy and thankful that I chose to work with Depew Orthodontics. I highly recommend them to take care of your orthodontic needs.

    Kati Gibson

  • A very good first impression. Everyone was pleasant and had a friendly smile. Dr. Depew is the best, especially for adult orthodontics! I would not recommend anyone else.

    Amanda Hebert

Orthodontic Assisting Technique and Theory

A comprehensive textbook on Orthodontic Assisting Technique and Theory. This textbook provides the fundamental techniques used by orthodontic assistants or technicians in today’s modern orthodontic practice. A perfect reference guide for practice administrators, clinical managers or managing orthodontists!

Change Your Smile, Change Your Life - Book Cover

Change Your Smile, Change Your Life: Your Guide to Orthodontic Treatment

Empower yourself with knowledge and discover how orthodontics can change your family’s lives.

Available at Amazon

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